Monday, December 7, 2009

Letter from the Airport

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am sitting here in ther airport in Salt Lake. I'm going to call you from Atlanta which I am really excited about. It's crazy that I am here, actually wearing this tag. It's the real thing and I'm so excited but nervous too. I look around me and see all these people and don't even know how to start talking to people. I was talking to a couple from Moroni for a long time. They were excited when I told them we had a house in Spring City. They were very nice. While I was talking to them these two women came and sat by me. They started staring at my name tag, and looked like they wanted to talk to me. She asked if I spoke Spanish. I told her I did then she told me that she waas with her aunt, they were both Peruvian and her aunt was flying back to Peru via Atlanta. She needed help with getting to her next gate with a wheelchair so she asked if I could help her get a wheelchair and have someone help her get to her gate. I said of course, I talked to them for awhile in Spanish, then the niece had to leave. She had gotten a special security pass to get through the gate to help her but she had to go back. Anyway, the aunt had come to Salt Lake to visit her neice and to go to the temple here. This little old Peruvian lady was so cut. She had never been to the U.S. before and spoke no English. When her neice left she started to cry. I told her it would be O.K. and I ashe the woman working there how to arrange fora wheelchair. Another woman who spoke Spanish came up and offered to help. She reassured the Peruvian woman and offerred to stay with her the whole way and take her to her next gate to translate for her. I was thankful for her because Atlanta is so huge and I knew it wouldn't be easy to help the Peruvian lady find her gate plus I am supposed to go straight to my gate. Anyway, I started talking to the second woman who was from Mexico, had been living in Sun Valley and was going b ack for her Nephew-in-law's funeral. I was scared of how to approach her. I wanted to share something about the gospel but didn't know how to start. She looked deep in thought and seemed upset. When it was time to board I just knew I had to say something. I had already told her why I was going to Puerto Rico. But before I boarded I gave her a pass along card and told her to call and get the free Lamb of God dvd. I told her it was about Christ. She looked extremely tehankful and asked me to pray for her nephew-in-law. I told her of course. I with I were better at this but I'm trying. It's so strange to be without a companion, the whole way to San Juan but it's O.K. I can't believe that I'm already on my way after only 2 weeks and 6 days. It was so weird to say goodbye to Hermana Rocha and Hermana Ruiz. Hermana Ricks left last wednesday and we've been back in a threesome for about a week. They are both going to be amazing missionaries, the other Elders in our district will be too. I'll send pictures when I have a chance to print them off. I'll talk to you later today.

Love you,

Sister Barker

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