Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello Stranded Friends

Hello fellow stranded friends,

Haha I only say this because it looks like we're all stranded in one way or another. As for myself, I've been stranded in the house a lot this week because Hermana Thornton is still feeling really sick. It was better than last week but I've still been making a lot of phone calls instead of knocking doors but things are good. We have been able to go to all of our teaching appointments but there have been a few days where she hasn't felt well enough to knock (and also we can't cancel some of the appointments or we won't finish the lessons before the baptisms this weekend). For those of you who are stranded in Utah and England, WOW, I can't believe the emails this week. That's so crazy. I hadn't heard anything about the volcano eruption in Iceland. As missionaries we never hear anything unless members or someone tell us and we haven't heard anything. That's crazy how many days has it been erupting for? Hermana Thornton's Dad just told us that there was a earthquake in Utah, in Randolf and that he felt it where he lived in Fruit Heights. Did you feel it at all? This is crazy. I'm sorry you had to cancel your European trip I know how much you were all looking forward to that; well at least after the plane landed :) I'm really sorry. Rach, I am praying for you and all the students so that you will be able to get home safely and I guess all I can say is that in the meantime enjoy your extra time in London. Dad said that you were going to go on an extra weekend trip so that will be good. Wow, things are crazy. Hope school is going good Erin, when are you done? That's cool that you are moving back to Salt Lake.  Are you moving home or getting an apartment? Ab, good luck with AP tests; I'll be praying for you. You'll do great and then it will be such a relief to be done and you can just enjoy the rest of your senior year with less stress. Wow, so weird my baby sister is graduating from High School.

Well things are good here. This week has been really great. We had to move Madeleine's baptism date because we didn't have time to finish the lessons. So this weekend we are having a triple baptism! Madeline, Jose, and also Alondra who is a little eight year girl of one to the coolest families in our ward who are recent converts. So it is going to be great. We just have to round up the baptism clothes (its turning out a lot harder than we thought), visit both of them each day even though they live about 45 minutes away, and keep Luis (Jose's best friend and recent convert of only 4 months) from hyperventalating because he is so nervous because Jose asked him to baptize him and since he just got baptized himself he is super nervous and worried he'll do it wrong.

We had a really great lesson with a man named Angel who is a former investigator, the spirit was so strong. Luis (same Luis mentioned above) also happens to be one of our most gung-ho member missionaries and he went with us to teach Angel. Wow, the spirit was so strong as Jose testified of how he received a testimony of Joseph Smith. Even though we were on the front porch and there were a million distractions inside the house from the tv and computer and the neighbors were playing loud rigatone music it was like, I don't know, this amazing moment where it was like we were in our own little world and the spirit was so strong. I am really excited for some of the people that we have found because of the hours of calling on the telephone from the area book. We have 3 or 4 really great appointments this week with people. So maybe spending lots of time in the house is just what we needed :)

Well I am going to send you some pictures. I don't have a ton but some of them are pretty funny. In Puerto Rico where it rains a lot sometimes you have to try and dry your laundry inside the house which is a pain because unless it dries in the sun it never really gets dry very well. Last week it was raining a ton so the only place to hang a clothesline happened to be where we study. So we couldn't see each other as we studied. So this is how we did our companionship study. Well... that's a lie, we moved it out of the way so we could see each other but we took pictures because it was funny.
This is why I am going to gain a ton of weight here, fried food. A recent convert owns a little shop on the side of the highway (a very common thing here) where she sells frituras (fried food).
 These are bacailiatos which is basically fried batter that has little bits of bacalai which is a really salty which fish. There is empanada with ground beef and my favorite, Pinonos, which is the little round thing which is bananas stuffed with ground beef and then fried. The bananas are really sweet.

Translation: Life is short.  Eternity is not. - God
Translation:  Do you feel lost?  My book is your map. - God
Why don't we have billboards like this in the states?  I love Puerto Rico

Hey Rach, remember the pictures of the tans that we used to laugh about like the lifeguard ton or the rollerblade tan?  Well, you can add Puerto Rican Sister Missionary Chancletta tan.  Wish the picture did it justice, it looks better in person.

Ab, you'll like this one.  These little critters are everywhere.
Love you all. Hope everything is well. Thanks for the emails I love reading about everything back at home. I'm praying that everything works out well this week with airplane flights, tests and moving home.

Hermana Barker

P.S. Thanks for the package it was perfect.

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