Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hey Family,

Sorry this is the second week in a row that emails have come on Tuesday. Last week was a Puerto Rican National holiday so the library was closed and this week was Martin Luther King Day. Just so you know anytime there is a holiday that will probably be the case so don’t get worried if my emails come late. It’s been really sad to hear about the earthquake in Haiti. We didn’t feel anything in Puerto Rico, which is really lucky. We don’t know much about what is going on over there except what we have heard from members or other people that we are teaching but it sounds horrible. Lots of people here are gathering clothes and food to send over there. It’s so sad though!

Well we were safe from earthquakes this week but not from the rain. I’m pretty sure it rained for about 6 days straight here this week. There would be a break in the rain and then it would pour again. We couldn’t even go out to one part of our area, Naranjito because the fog was so thick and the roads were so wet it wasn’t safe to drive. But it’s sunny now and we are extremely happy because we don’t get wet anymore. We had a few days where we were out knocking and it suddenly starting to pour. When it pours, it is nothing like pouring rain back home. Here they call it Aguacero which means down pour and we got soaked. I sent you pictures of what we looked like two different days after knocking. We couldn’t help but laugh because we were so soaked we had to run home and change before one of our teaching appointments because we felt like we couldn’t walk into someone’s house like that.

But actually this week has been amazing! We have some amazing investigators. We have a possibility of 10 people going to church this coming Sunday! Even though it was slow opening up this new area we are finally seeing a lot of potential. We are super excited. Some of the best things this week are 1) Emma went to stake conference! She was super nervous and she didn’t have anything to wear to go to church, which is why she didn’t go last week, but she drove all around town trying to find something that fit (she weighs about 90 pounds) and she looked so cute and even though it was super different and she had so many questions she really liked it. We are going to commit her to be baptized this week! We are super excited. We’ve had some extremely amazing lessons with her lately and even though she might be hesistant and nervous I do believe that she knows that she needs to be baptized and that this is the true church. Second amazing thing, was that we couldn’t get a hold of Naitza this week because her phone was disconnected and we couldn’t go to Naranjito because of the rain. We finally got out there on Saturday when the weather cleared up and she was so excited to see us. She has read half of the Book of Mormon! She has been talking to her daughter that lives in another city going to school but her daughter wanted a Book of Mormon as well. We have a lot of other really great investigators that we haven’t taught that much to but some of them are amazing.

I’m glad to hear that things are going well at home. It sounds like you have had some nice time to relax in Spring City and I’m sure everyone is enjoying mom’s new hobby of breadmaking. I’m jealous. We usually just make pretty simple meals for ourselves at home, we try not to eat at member’s houses too often because one, Hermana Venegas doesn’t want to get too sick, two because it tends to take a really long time, and three because members tend to feed you so much so we like to cook for ourselves. Mostly pretty basic stuff like what I ate back at home at BYU. I am sending you a picture of Pastel. Pastel is the tamale looking food that I told you about that is like a tamale but the maza is made up of mashed up green plantains. Probably the hardest thing for me to eat in Puerto Rico although I am getting more used to it. The rice and beans and turkey are very typical Puerto Rican food.

I am also sending a few pictures, sorry I can’t send more, it just takes so long to load each one, of last P-day when we went to Isla de Cabras. You can see El Moro which is in old San Juan, in the background.

Hermana Venegas goes home February 18 so we have a little less than a month still together. It’s so weird that she’s leaving but we are determined to make this her best transfer ever. After she leaves I don’t know if I’ll stay in Bayamon but it is most likely that I will just because they probably would want me to stay so at least one sister will know the area, the investigators and the members. But I guess we’ll see. Sounds like you are having a great time in Vermont, Erin. I’m glad you like it, even though you are super busy. It sounds like you are meeting a lot of really cool people. I hope you are loving London, Rach. I’m sure you are super busy so you don’t have to write a ton but I would love to here about your classes and what you do everyday there. Hope everything is going well with school, Ab. Let me know how senior year and the college decision making process is going. That’s super cool that you are doing the genealogy classes, Dad. I’m sure you will be pro at it by the time I get back. Hope you don’t have too crazy of a busy season this year at work, although I am sure it is completely inevitable. Well I wish I had more time to tell you all everything sorry I don’t have hours and hours to write but I love you all so much. Hope everything goes well this week with school and work!


Hermana Brooke Barker

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