Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The mission is combined...New Name

Hey Family!!!

Thanks for all your emails.  Thanks for the photos its sounds like your trip was a lot of fun or should I say trips. You are all so outdoorsy now! Wow, I'm going to have to get into shape to keep up with all of you. But it sounds like a lot of fun. I'm glad you got the bike thing figured out, Mom, that's sort of funny. Sounds like you are keeping really busy. Keep me updated on all your fun things.

Well this week was pretty good. We are no longer the San Juan West Mission just San Juan. So weird! (you could change it on my blog for my address if you want or figure out how). Who knows where I will end up next transfer on the east side or even in one of the small islands. Guess we'll see. We met with our new president this week and it was amazing. Definately amazing! The spirit was so strong. We talked a lot about the family and focusing on the family in our teaching. It's weird to see a new president and things are definately going to change with how we do things here in the mission but having a Puerto Rican President is just what this mission needs right now. We are supposed to extend a baptismal invitation with every first lesson that we teach.  That's been a little hard for me becuase sometimes I don't feel comfortable extending an invitation to be baptized to someone who just listened about the church for the first time. Its different but it also is changing the way that we are focusing our teaching and that's good. Sometimes its a little uncomfortable.  For example we extended an invitation with this older couple. They had given us juice and we taught the lesson.  I extended an invitation to be baptized when they received an answer that these things were true and then they just sat there and stared blankly at us for a few seconds then the husband got up and said "are you finished with that?" and without waiting for the answer picked up the empty glasses and then he walked into the kitchen and then walked back and completely changed the subject and started asking us about what we liked about Puerto Rico.  So it can be awkward sometimes but that's what you got to do right? But we are really excited because we have found some really awesome people this week. We just have to get them to church and they'll be golden. Last week we received a reference from a woman in Florida who is Puerto Rican and was here visiting her mom. She called the mission office to find our number and then invited us to an FHE with her neighbor Carla. We had an awesome FHE talking about the family. Things are good here and I know that its just a matter of time before we can help our investigators start progessing towards baptism we have some really amazing people that we are working with.

My companion is awesome; Hermana Rodriguez. She is from El Salvador, that makes companion number 2 from salvador. She's so humble and has such a strong testimony. She's awesome and I know we are going to have a great transfer together. I am learning from her a lot already. Well anyway love you all a ton.   Sorry I wish I had more exciting stories to tell. I'll write more next week.

Photos: Me and President and Sister Martineau their last day.

Me and some of the sisters in our mission. My new companion is on my left, the one with the black button up shirt.

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