Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Car Accident

Hey I won't be able to write very much today. I'm sorry this keeps happening. But this is why. Last night as we were driving we were stopped in some traffic and a girl ran into us from behind. We called the police and they came and we called the people in the office who were supposed to call and at first we just felt a little whiplash It didn't seem that bad the airbags didn't come out or anything and the car was dented from behind and in front from the car that she pushed us into. The Alvarados were in St. Kits and weren't reachable until late. They told us to go the next morning to this place called ACAA where they would check us from head to toe and work with the insurance and everything. But this morning I woke up and felt much worse my back hurt and Hermana Rodriguez has some neck and shoulder pain from the whiplash. Well the doctor they sent us to is closed all day until now. So we are going to leave and go right and have everything checked out. I am fine don't worry. I'm sure its just whiplash. But please pray for me so that we can feel better. I didn't want to worry you but I figured that I should tell you so that you would know. I love you all I'll write more later. But this day has been crazy and we don't have time. I'm sure if you have questions you can call the mission office and they'll be able to explain how i'm feeling. I'm sorry to scare you. But I knew that I should let you know.

Love you all! I'll write a big long letter next week I promise!!!

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