Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Conference Week

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the emails. Hope everyone had a good week. Good luck with school which I am sure is starting to wind down.

Well its been a great week! A really hard week but going to conference made it all worth it. Wow, we worked so hard to be able to go and let me tell you, we really saw some miracles. We had to complete our foundation (140 contacts and 20 lessons) to be able to go but we had to do it by friday night. But they also told us that even though we had interviews and saturday and sunday was conference that we would still be expected to have our family foundation (140 families contacted and 20 family lessons) by sunday night. Well let me just say that on a normal week we have never been able to complete that goal. Its really hard because we live in the countryside and there just aren't that many people like in the city. So we knew that we would have permission to go to conference but if we went and enjoyed conference saturday but didn't have our goals on sunday then that would be bad. So we didn't know what to do. But we decided that we would pray really hard and then just work really hard, that the Lord would bless us. So we woke up early friday did our studies early and were out the door by 9:30. We decided to go to Las Piedras but on our way our we saw a supermarket where normally not that many people go, that day it was FULL of families. Then we went to Las Piedras. We went taught two lessons in the morning and then we went to an elementary school where we have talked to many people before but that day, there were a ton of Moms watching their kids on the playground during recess (they do that here becuase there isn't much playground supervision) I've never seen so many people at that school, me and my companion split up and started talking to people. In about 30 or 45 min we were able to not only talk to many people I was able to teach 3 lessons to families. I kept looking over my shoulder wondering when my companion was going to come join me and to my surprise she was still talking to people which was weird because I was taking so long.  Well when we finally met up together she had taught 4 family lessons! 7 in total and it was only 1 o'clock. Well long story short, we almost completed all the contacts and lessons we had to have for the entire week and we had almost completed them before saturday.

Anyway, It was a great day. Heavenly Father really prepared a way for us to be able to be in conference. When we are obedient and we work the hardest we can he will provide a way.

We had a lot more success later on including two less active member lessons with two ward members that accompanied us. The best part of the day is when we went to teach a less active family. There are two grandparents, their son and grandson who is 19. The 19 year old is returning to church but the dad and grandparents aren't very strong. The son had an accident a few years back and he has a lot of problems with his health. He wanted a blessing. The member who was with us invited the grandpa and son of the man to participate in the blessing. I imagine it was years since they've done that or if they ever have. Well the 19 year old never has. It was so amazing to feel the spirit as those two men participated in giving a blessing as the 19 year old who was a little rebelous before and who is turning his life around was able to learn how to give his father a blessing. It was a really amazing experience.

Wow, conference was amazing! I learned so much and felt the spirit so strong. Some of my favorite talks included, President Uchtdorf's about the road to Damascus, the one about Testimony by Elder/President Cecil O. Samuelson (which I have to say was a little weird because I felt like I was back at BYU for a moment hahaha) and of course I loved President Monson's. Well I really liked all of them, cause they were all great. So many of them I just thought, "if only that less active or investigator that needs to hear this was here right now".

The latest news is that right now my poor companion is pretty miserable becuase she fell off her bike. Did I tell you that we are using bikes now? I don't think so. We still have cars but everyone in the mission got bikes too. So we are using them as much as we can. Its not too bad except that we arrive at people's houses pretty gross and sweaty especially with the helmets that we wear. But its good exercise and we talk with more people. But anyway, poor thing has a leg that's pretty swollen and bruised and so we are back to the car for a few days til she gets better.

Well, love you all tons! Have a great week.

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