Thursday, March 31, 2011

New P-day

Hey Everyone,

Sorry that I didn't write yesterday. We had interviews with President and they changed P-day to Thursday.

Wow, I'm sorry to hear about the avalanche. That's crazy and really sad. Be careful Erin when you go skiing! Rach! I can't believe I won't see you 'til august. That's really sad. But oh well, right what's a few months after a year and a half right? At least we'll be able to talk. Well, things here are a little hard still. We're working harder than ever but not much success. We teach but we are having a hard time finding people who want to commit to let us come back. Its also a little harder in the countryside because there just aren't that many people around during the day they all go to the metro areas to work. But we are working extremely hard. We had interviews with President yesterday and it was good to talk to him. He told me, "Hermana Barker you have 8 weeks left". And I was like "I know". He has to close 3 areas for sisters because 5 sisters are going home this transfer and none are coming. We don't know if he will close Juncos or not still. But it would make me so sad but I think I knew it was coming for awhile now. I've only been there for a two transfers but I really love this place. I love the people. I told him that I was working the hardest that I could and that I wanted to go out stron; that it doesn't matter if I don't have any more baptisms, I'm just going to give all I have. So we'll see what happens. I know that whatever happens it will be the best for the mission.

Well, he thanked me for my hard work and told us to just keep working hard. We got back to our area about 2:00 and we went to work. I don't know what it was but we had the most amazing day yesterday. 7 lessons! And it wasn't even a full day of work. Not all of them were great but I really felt like we were able to find people to listen to us and even when they weren't interested in having us come back I know we planted some seeds. We have to meet our goals this week so that we can go to Saturday's sessions of General Conference. So we are working really hard so that we can go.

I'm sad because my old companion Hermana Rodriguez (I was 6 months with her) is really sick. She is going to go home early. President told me yesterday. I probably won't be able to see her before she goes, which is sad.

Well not much else to report. Tell everyone hi for me!

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