Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The work goes on.

Hey everyone! Thanks for all your emails. Wow, sounds like everyone is doing really fun things. I was seriously in awe to read Rachel's blog. I am still in shock that she's doing all that. Just imagine her hanging out with Senator Hatch and all those important people in the white house. Its surreal to read all that. Maybe because its because I am so far away and haven't really been hearing about this for so long. Good luck with all that Rach I'm sure you are doing amazing out there.

Well things here have been good. We are working hard trying to find new families. We are working with one awesome family. They are new but I'm just know that they'll be able to progress. The husband has been an investigator off and on for two years. The wife always hid when the missionaries came over. The elder's gave us the reference and asked us to stop by and at first she seemed reluctant but we got talking with her and she really opened up to us and we have had some amazing lessons with her. She told us that it seemed like God had to send her sisters so that she would listen. She doesn't realize yet that what she is feeling is the spirit but she has told us that when we left her house she just felt a peace her 8 year old who is pretty spoiled and off the wall was super well behaved and she just feels a lot happier. They are super awesome and I am excited to work with them more.

It's been tough trying to balance working there and trying to not abandon Juncos where we are still working with other investigators. There is so much potential there, many people could have baptism dates, they've been attending church but for one reason or another they aren't progressing and as much as we try we just haven't seen any progress in teaching them. That's been extremely hard, and a trial for my patience but maybe its just not their time yet.

Other than that things are good. I am excited to talk to you on Sunday. I have the option to do Skype. But it will probably be about 3:00 my time. I hope you are home at that time. I think what I will do is sunday morning at church borrow a phone from a member and with my phone card call you and we'll make plans. Love you a ton.

These are just some pictures for fun. We have the blessing of living with a sister from Mexico, even though she isn't in this photo, but we are the beneficiaries of some really good fun. One day we had a really stressful day in the mission, sometimes the only way to cope is just take a breather and go get some ice cream. haha.

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