Monday, March 1, 2010

Another week, but the water's back

Hey Family,

Thanks for all the emails. Sounds like you had a fun at the snow kiting tournament and hope it has been fun watching the Olympics. Abby wrote me about the earthquake in Chili, but we really havent heard anything except there was one. I know I will probably find out a little more before next week but where was it? I have three friends serving missions in Chile right now I'm sure they'll be okay still though its really scary. I was so excited to hear the good news Ab. Congratulations. I'm sure you will have a good time living in Helaman Halls. It's a lot closer than Wyview you'll like it more I think. Hang in there, senior yea because more fun towards the end but trust me I know the feeling I felt the same way. But just enjoy it while it lasts. Mom and Rach thanks for sending your blog. I can't ever see the pictures but its still fun to read things and just see a little about what you are up to. Thanks. Sounds like you have had a fun time just hanging out in Spring City all of you and just relaxing. I'm really jealous while all of you are freezing I'm roasting alive. 20 degrees sounds pretty good when you are walking around in 94 degrees and covered in sweat. I'm not sure I will be able to make it until July here. Wow its hot. Send me some of that snow if you can :) Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes. I haven't opened up the package yet as requested but I am excited.

Water came back on thursday but was coming out brown for about a day now we are back to normal. We were able to go to the mission home and wash our clothes and shower. I just have to say I have so much respect for my friends that didn't have running water on your missions.

Well this week, I'm not going to lie was pretty hard. We had practically no lessons the entire week. Most of our investigators are not progressing because they keep cancelling their appointments. Alvin, is a pretty good investigator but we haven't been able to teach him this week, but he came to church again on sunday. I do believe he will get baptized it might just take awhile becuase he's hard to get a hold of becuase he lives sort of far and doesn't have a telephone. But we are going to try and set a baptism date this week. Other than that we have been knocking a lot. All day sunday from the time we got out of church to seven o'clock we knocked or walked around doing street contacts while trying to find less active members and a church headquarter reference. Its hard because my companion doesn't know the area, the members or the investigators and i have to try and come up with things to do when the plans fall through, which was like everyday. But I just know that there are people that are out there that are ready to listen to the gospel, we just have to find them. I know they're out there. So we keep plugging away. Thanks for all the emails. Its so fun to hear from you all. Even though you always say that not much is going on its the small things that are so fun to read about.

Love you all.

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