Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hey Family!!!

Hey Family!!!

Yes, no worries yesterday was a Puerto Rican holiday. They have more holidays here than anyother country in the world, at least that is what Emma told us, she said that not only do they celebrate mother's day and father's day but they have holidays "hasta los bisabuelos, los perritos y los perritos de los vecinos" in other words there is a holiday for everything here. Which means that you might be getting a lot of emails on tuesday instead of monday. Thanks for all your emails. I love hearing about everything that is going on at home.

This week has been pretty good. We have been teaching Alvin still and although he has been to church for almost 2 months now he still doesn't want to set a baptism date. But we are working on it. We taught him the word of wisdom this week and I'm pretty sure we almost gave the man a heartattack. He said that he would start trying to keep the word of wisdom we are going to stop by his house and see how he is doing. We haven't been able to teach Odalis and her family this week because we haven't been able to set a time with them they are all super busy, but we are hoping to go back and see them this week because we still have to answer all of their questions about the plan of salvation. We have some pretty cool new investigators that we have found. After almost an entire transfer of not very many people to teach we are starting to get some pretty cool investigators. I am exciting to see some of them progress hopefully I'm still around, I guess we'll see because transfers are coming up this next week. We had a really awesome lesson with Maria and Benjamin this week. They are the couple that lives really really far that are references from a member in the Toa Baja ward. We are only able to visit them once a week because Maria always has medical appointments during the week and we don't get out there often because they live so far about five kilometers from the East Mission. But they are really awesome. Maria has so many good questions about Joseph Smith and the restauration, she is someone that really wants to learn and is willing to find out for herself if these things are true. We taught the first half of the plan of salvation and wow, the spirit was really strong. I know that they are going to get baptized, once Maria is finished with this round of Chemotherapy. Wow, they just amaze me.

By the way if you could keep in your prayers our neighbors and landlords, Jesus Ramos Rey, he is starting Chemotherapy today. They could use your prayers. Thanks.

Not much else is new here, we have been working as normal, still trying to visit a lot of less active members because our ward has a lot of less active members. We've been dying of heat here, its been in the high 90s all week long, we've been dying. Haha I don't think I'm going to make it until July. Thank goodness for 70+ spf sunblock, lots of water and gatorade. The good thing about Puerto Ricans is even though most of them have no interest in listening to our message they are always willing to give you juice or something to drink. In fact if you don't accept juice, soda pop or galletas (sorry cookies)they get very offended. Its good when you are knocking but bad when you have 5 or 6 lessons and every single person expects you to drink a glass of koolaide or 7up and you know me I don't usually drink much else than water. They are always willing to help you. If you are contacting and you tell them you are missionaries and want to share a message with them they are super busy but if you ask "where is calle 20?" them and they'll yell up the street to their neighbors and ask them and pretty soon five people are trying to help you find the street.

Well not much else is new here, life is good. Love you all a ton.

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