Monday, May 3, 2010

It's hot chocolate weather...the low 70's

Hey!!! Thanks for the emails. Sounds like everything is going well it's so fun that everyone is back home again. I apologize for the mouse that was living in my vacuum cleaner. haha that's really gross. Hey Dad, that conference sounds really neat I am really jealous. You'll have teach me all sorts of cool stuff when I get home I'm sure you'll be pro at everything. We are trying to encourage members to go to the genealogy center in our stake center so that they can get excited about the genealogy work and prepare their own names for the temple. The ward is planning two temple trips one for just the youth and one for the ward to go to October General Conference in 2011. Apparantly the temple prep class is very well attended. Hey Erin, that's awesome that you finished your novel draft. You still haven't told me anything about it yet. You'll have to give me a brief summary. I'm really excited to read it when I get home. Hope school isn't too busy you are probably almost done right? Ab, you'll have to write me and tell me about the dance. Mom said that you got asked twice. That's awesome. I haven't heard from you in forever I'm sure your super busy with AP tests and I'm sure its that time of year for Madrigals concert but let me know how things are going.

Well things here in Puerto Rico are well... wet. Its quite funny actually because its like low 70s and people are wearing jackets. Two different members gave us hot chocolate yesterday! Its really not that cold! haha but in comparison to how it usually is I guess people are inspired to bring out the hot chocolate. I hear that it's still snowing in Utah. That's crazy.

This week has been pretty slow, we've been trying to find a lot of less active members and teach a few investigators that we have. We have a new family to teach the wife has come to church a few times with a member named Maritza. She doesn't have a phone and lives ridiculously far away so we haven't been able to coordinate with her until this week when we went out to Corozal to eat lunch with Maritza. Maritza took us to her house and we met her husband and even though he didn't have much time we taught him a quick intro to the plan of salvation, and left him a pamphlet. While we were teaching his kids came home from school and the oldest daughter who is probably about 11 or 12 went inside and brought out a book and started reading in the hammock. Well it just so happened to the gospel principles manual. She had already read several chapters. We are pretty excited about this family, they are passing through some really hard times right now and they really need the gospel. We are hoping to be able to drive out there today but Angel, the husband just called from a telephone he borrowed and told us that it is raining ridiculously hard and there is a lot of fog so we might have to stop by another day if it doesn't stop raining in a few hours.

Hey here are some photos that I haven't sent.
Remember the photos with us studying with the laundry well this is what happens when we leave it outside and it rains a lot. haha. I love rain...
Photos from the Baptism with Jose and with Luis (the one with the mustach) and also with Madeline and the Bishop
Well guess what?! This sunday is Mother's Day. Do you know what that means? I get to call home!!!! So you better all be there. I can call for five minutes or so on saturday to set up a time to for the next day. Got to go but I'll talk to you soon!

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