Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Long time, no talk!

Hey everyone,

Well I'm sorry I don't really have anything extremely life changing since now andlast sunday but that's the cool thing I guess. It was so fun to talk to on Sunday. Wow, I couldn't stop smiling or laughing all day. Too much fun; you are all crazy! I saw the pictures of your Mother's day adventures looks super fun and tasty,send some of that my way will you :) PS Erin love the glasses. Thanks for the blogs I'm way excited because I got tons of email this week except for Abby that is I don't know why but I'm not getting anything from her e-mail address and I everything I send gets sent back to me. Make sure you are sending it to brooke.barker@myldsmail.net. Thanks for sending me copies of the blogs.  I don't have time to read all of them but I'm really excited to read a little bit each week and catch up with you all. Thanks also for sending me the email from Karina, that was really cool to read about her, I'll be praying for her and tell her hi from me ps tell her I would love some of her spicy Mexican food right now.

Mom, I think I would just like two white if thats okay green might be a little much with some of my colorful skirts. Thanks for doing that you're awesome.

Here is a shout out to all the people that might be reading my blog or ward members and family friends that have said hi via my family.  I say "hi" back and I'm doing great. Puerto Rico is amazing. Send me a letter and I'll try and write you back as soon as possible. Thanks for all your prayers. I miss you all! Oh and ps congratulations to the million of you who are engaged.

Well things here are good. We are working with our awesome recent converts that we have and looking for more people to teach. Lots of potentials so we're hoping that will be able to start see some of them be able to go to church and start progressing. Prayers would be appreciated. We are working on getting together a big genealogy activity/open house with the ward and possibly the stake. We are really excited and hoping that we can get it under way. It will take a lot of work but we are hoping that it will help the members be more excited about preparing to go to the temple and also help find new people to teach and to lesson to the church. Other than not much n.  It's hot and rainy at the same time and it's not even summer yet so for now I'm still alive haha. No worries Dad I'll put more sunscreen on.

 Love you all.

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