Monday, May 24, 2010

Please send me some snow.

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the emails this week. Please send me some snow :) sounds like you have extra. I would love some right now. Its been really hot and humid right now as we are heading into the hurricane season there is a lot more rain. No worries a hurricane hasn't hit Puerto Rico in about 30 years apparantly but we sure do get a lot of rain this time of year. Sounds like things are going well at home, and everyone is just sort of winding down with school. Have fun in Spring City this weekend! Sounds like you did a really great job on your seminary graduation talk, Ab, that's supper cool. PS are you still sending me emails? I haven't gotten any if you have, just checking to see if your email is still being weird.

Well things this week have been really good. we were able to get out and knock a few more days! Hermana Thornton still isn't feeling too well but she's being awesome and just pushing through it. One day we found this really awesome girl who is about our age named Neldys that we taught out in front of her house sitting on a wall. She is awesome and the spirit was really there. Her dad was having surgery that day and she was really nervous about it. But the spirit was really strong. So slowly we are getting more investigators to teach. we've been teaching a lot more in Corozal which is a little far away.  We have two investigators out there that we just started teaching. We are really excited about one family especially. Probably one of the coolest things that happened this week was that we met with a less active family that is amazing. We talked with the bishop awhile ago and asked him who he felt that we could go visit that could really use our help because there are so many less active families that we can't focus on all of them. Well he told us the name of one and we have been trying to find out where they live but they moved. We finally figured out how to get there last monday night. They invited us over for dinner on tuesday and it was amazing. The wife served a mission and the family has been sealed in the temple but they stopped coming to church becuase of a problem with some other members. They haven't been very receptive to visiting teachers in awhile so the bishop and his wife were excited to hear that they not only opened the door to us but invited us over for dinner. We had an awesome dinner and talked about her mission and they told us about how much they loved the temple and how many times they had gone to the different temples. We invited them to come back to church and they said that they had been thinking about it recently because they want their children to be able to receive the blessings of the gospel and their kids don't remember anything. Wow, the spirit was so strong and I just know that this family is ready to come back. We testified about the Book of Mormon and even the Mom who was there and told us that she was going to a different church, when we left she was flipping through the pages of the Book of Mormon. Wow, I'm really excited to work with this family.

Anyway things here are going well. We are working more with the members to try and get them excited about the missionary work and give us more references and I think that the genealogy activity we are planning will be really great once we start getting it under way. Anyway things are going well. I'm sending a few pictures I don't have a ton.

But these are some from transfer meeting and zone conference (you've got to love the pictures where everyone is squinting and looking at 20 different cameras :) ) and some pics of us making pastelillos de arroz at a member's house (think mexican tamale but rice instead of maza and banana leaves instead of corn husks).

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