Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nicole got Baptized

Hey Everyone,

Hope your week has been going well. Rach, what's this about a conference in Washington DC? Sounds cool. You'll have to tell me more about it. Wish you were feeling better Erin. I'm sorry that you are still so sick. By the way my companion was really appreciative for your letter it totally made her day. She very rarely gets letters from home because postage is so expensive and the mail is so unreliable there. So thanks. Hope school is going well for everyone. You'll have to tell me all about it. Ab, how's freshman year going? Thanks Steph for your email. I love hearing from you and I'm so glad that things are going well for you in Boston.
Nicole's Baptism
This week has been amazing! Nicole was baptized Saturday and everything went really well. It was so great to see her so excited and her parents were both there and they were pretty happy too. Even though her mom has had a really rough time she came to the baptism. They took like 100 pictures it was really cute to see that even though they were a little hesitant they were really proud of their daughter.

Just as amazing, was an experience that we had on Sunday. We are teaching a ten year old boy named Denis. His father is less active but Denis has been going to church with his grandparents. Well his father has been to church twice now and is changing his life around preparing to receive the office of priest and be able to baptize his son. Wow, he bore an amazing testimony of how he just knew that he need to come back to church and be able to baptize his son. He shared a really great experience that he had in General Conference, and he knew that this is where he needed to be. He is working with the branch president so that he can receive the office of priest and be able to baptize his son on the 30th of October. It was so amazing to hear his testimony and see how he wants to change for the better so he can be a worthy priesthood holder. Really that is almost just as good or better than a baptism.

Watching General Conference

We, we've been working really hard this week and we've seen a lot of success. The work is really picking up here. It's so crazy to think that this transfer is going by so fast we have just two more weeks in the transfer here. It is going to by way too fast as is the mission. I've almost been out a year! That's so crazy. Well I am sending some pictures. Not too many but here is one of me and Nicole at her baptism and one of us with Hermana Rodriguez at General Conference. Haha, one of the few times that I have worn a sweater in Puerto Rico. They always crank up the air conditioning inside the church because it is so hot outside. The men with their suits are just fine but all the women are always freezing. It's kind of like church at home haha. The other pictures are of my last district when we were serving in Toa Baja.

Clouds above Toa Baja
 Puerto Rican clouds; the skies are really beautiful here. Nicole's baptism was very well attended by missionaries because there were the two sets of elders that are now in Toa Baja, us becuase we got permission to go. and two sets of elders from another ward in the stake that came with investigators to see a baptism. Anyway, love you all a ton. Keep me updated on whats going on at home.

Love you all!

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