Friday, October 8, 2010

Water up to our ankles

Hey Everyone,

So this week has been really good. It's been pretty crazy. It's been raining a ton here. The streets here in Arecibo flood when it rains, well when it rains really hard. It's crazy, water up to your ankles in some streets. One of the entrances to neighborhood where we live is still closed 4 days later because they are fixing things. It's been crazy. And it's been really hard because the people aren't in the street it's hard to contact people because everyone is hiding inside. President told us that we couldn't go to the saturday session of general conference if we didn't meet our goals so everyone was working so hard to make their goals. It was really rough and we had to wake up super early so we could study earlier and go out and work earlier so that we could finish getting our contacts. (not as early as you have to get up on tuesdays, Mom and Dad, I have a lot of respect for you). We had to go to Toa Baja to see the conference but wow, I'm really glad that we were able to go because it was amazing. What an amazing weekend. I am so grateful for living prophets!

Nicole is getting baptized this weekend. Its finally here. She is so ready. We are really excited because we are able to go President gave us permission to go which is so exciting. We are still on the search for families. We are seeing so many small miracles in Arecibo. We are finding people who are prepared to receive the gospel. we are teaching a lot of part member families, a newly married couple, she's a member he's not and he accepted the invitation to be baptized. It's just been a really great week. It's been a really hard last few transfers but its so great to be working in Arecibo where there is a lot of work to be done and we are seeing a lot of success.

Well hope everything is going well at home. Hope your quilt convention goes well mom and you don't get back problems from lugging around a sewing machine and a computer. haha. Love you all a ton.


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