Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Hard Week

Thanks for the emails. I'm sure everyone is super tired between midnight harry potter showings, busy school schedules and all the work mom and dad have been doing around the house and in spring city. Wow, I really can't believe that this next week is Thanksgiving. It's weird to think that Abby will be turning 19! Babs, stop getting older you're making me feel old. I'm excited to read all of your stories that you are writing Erin, that's really cool that you got into the workshop I'm sure it will be a great experience.

So things here are good. Ana is progressing, she has stopped drinking coffee and we are preparing for her baptism on the 27th. As for the rest of our investigators it has been a little hard this week. We have found a lot of families but one of the downsides of teaching families is that sometimes one person is present the next time other people are present and its hard to help them progress at the same time. We have two families where we are actually just teaching their teenage kids because the parents are always busy. They think that it's good for their kids to listen to us but don't think they need it themselves. We are trying to find ways to get the whole family together so they can progress together. Nicole, who got baptized last month, is so amazing. She came out with us to visit some investigators last week and it was so great. She has a copy of Preach My Gospel and she studied up on the lesson before hand. It was really special to see that she is so excited about the gospel. A member told us she's always writing comments on facebook about the church and she's a member of groups like I'm a Mormon. She's was super excited about a video she found online about the new temple being built in Rome. It's great to see her so excited.

We had a really great zone conference this last week. It was completely focused on the Restoration. We watched the movie, Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration. The spirit was really strong and even though I've seen it quite a few times I'm always really touched by that movie. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude for all the sacrifices that Joseph Smith, his family and other early church members made. The trials that they had to go through, getting thrown from their homes, being tarred and feathered, imprisoned and much more. I couldn't help but thing of my own ancestors that were part of that group. So many people made so many sacrifices for the gospel. I'm been truly blessed to have grown up in a home with the gospel. I'm so grateful for the people that have sacrificed so much for me. I couldn't help but ask myself what am I willing to sacrifice so that other people can have the same blessings? Thanks so much Mom and Dad for allowing me to grow up in a home with the gospel and for always being such great examples to me.

So I still don't know about extending. The mission department apparently doesn't want to do extensions anymore. They are thinking about sending us home the transfer before our 18 month mark. President is trying to get us permission to extend. I really want to extend but I guess we'll see what happens. It's all really up in the air right now but I'll let you know.

Well have to go. Love you all a ton.

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