Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One Year!

Thanks for your emails. So I guess Rach went be home when I get back from the mission. That is so weird. But that is really cool that you are going to do an internship. What type of internship is it? Where are you going to live? Maybe I'll have to go out to DC and visit you and while I'm at it try and visit some Big 4 offices while I'm there. I'm sorry you are still not feeling well, Er. Congrats once again on getting your article published. I can't even imagine being in the snow right now. Ít's so weird to think that at home there is snow on the ground. I can't believe thanksgiving is coming up soon. It's on your birthday Ab! It's just too weird to think how fast time is going by. I'm glad that you got the fence done in Spring City, I'm sure it looks great down there.

Well things here are good. Jennifer and Yillianette won't be baptized this month. Jennifer just isn't ready she has a lot of doubts and we really want her to have a testimony. But little by little they are progressing. Ana, is still preparing for baptism. We taught the Word of Wisdom last night and she has to stop drinking Coffee. She says she's been working on it for the last few weeks becuase she already knew that we don't drink coffee but she's just kept saying little by little. Things here are good nothing too huge has happened. We've found quite a few families this last week that we are really excited about. One family is really amazing. Juan, the Dad is reading the Book of Mormon like crazy. We went back for the first lesson and he had read the chapter we marked plus everything from the beginning until almost the end of first Nephi. He had a lot of doubts but he was also really excited about the book. At one point in the lesson he said if this book is really true why doesn't everyone know about it? Imagine, an ancient record that was found and published that sort of thing would be on the news and everyone would be so excited about it. Why haven't I ever heard about this book before? he asked. If only everyone was that excited about it. So we'll see what happens when we visit them tonight.

So yeah, things are going well. As I said we both passed our year mark this last week. Sadly we weren't really able to celebrate it. Our plan was to go buy a cake and candle and take a picture or something. Cakes here are so expensive! A little tiny cake that was probably 6" was $15. We were going to get an oven becuase we currently just have a stove top. The office was going to bring us one but we haven't got it yet so we'll see what we can do for when we hit our one year mark here in Puerto Rico. So here's a little lesson in Puerto Rican vocabulary. Cake here is not pastel, it is bizcocho. Pastel for Puerto Ricans are what we know as tamales. If you come here and ask for a pastel don't be surprised when instead of a cake you get a greyish brown mush filled with meat. Many missionaries become quiet dissapointed when they see it. It's made from what we call bananas and they call guineo. haha I'm going to speaking weird spanish when I get home.

Well anyway. Hope things are going well. Love you all a ton!

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