Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Great Week!

Hey everyone,

So things are going well here I feel like the time is going by so fast I feel like I just wrote yesterday. I'm excited to read Erin's article that was published. I laughed really hard when I pictured Mom and Dad in the Grand Canyon sliding of the end of the bed because the historic hotel's floors were so uneven. Thanks for the pictures! I'm glad that everything worked out with the tree falling on the cars. I'm sorry that was such a hassle for you.
 It's so crazy to think that it's already November. Hope everyone had fun on Halloween! Halloween was a regular work day for us there were a few kids trick or treating but not very many because it was rainy. Here they give money to little kids here. The kids go up to the door and yell, "Halloween! Trick or Treat! Dame chavos y no mani" Mani means peanuts but they say like money so its like a play on words. Chavos is the slang word for money like the word cash. Anyway poor things got wet because it was pouring rain. We had to be home at 7:00 because I guess people sort of go crazy at night. They egg cars and people and do other things so we were home early that day.

Saturday Denis got baptized. It was really special his family was really emotional. Jennifer and Yillianette accepted baptismal dates for the 20th and Jennifer came to the baptism and she really loved it. Ana Rodriguez also accepted a baptismal date for the 20th so we are really excited we had a really good week. She told us that she has been asking and asking to get an answer to know if its true we talked about recognizing answers to prayers that an answer isn't like a giant lightening bolt but that it comes through feelings. I think she realized that she has received her answer already and she knows that it's true. She accepted a baptism date as well. So we are really excited for her.

This is a shout out to everyone, we need unique and creative ideas to teach the basic gospel principles to children. For example games, or object lessons that you have used in family home evening or on the mission to teach the restoration, plan of salvation etc. So if you have any good ideas I would love to here we are trying to focus more on teaching so that the whole family can understand and be interested.

Wow, tomorrow will mark one year since I entered into the MTC in Provo. It's so crazy to think about that. Since Hermana Rodriguez's one year mark is friday we are planning on doing something fun to celebrate. It's so weird to think about that. Anyway have a great week all of you!

 Love you all a ton!

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