Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Transfer next week.

Hey thanks for the emails! And thanks for the picture from Thanksgiving. Tell everyone hi for me. Sounds like the weather is crazy! I'm going to freeze when I get home, whenever that is. Haha, i'll let you know when I find out. President still doesn't know I think. Good luck with school everyone, especially on your packet Erin and all those cover letters, Rach. Why do you have to write so many? I'm a little confused about that. Well we had a pretty good thanksgiving here. We worked as normal but we ate as well. We went to a members house at night for dinner and our duenos brought us up some food. It was nice because we really just a had good sized plate so we weren't too full. Lets just said that the thanksgiving here is a little better. I missed your pie mom. But that's okay.

Well anyway, it's sort of been a rough week for us. Ana and the member that invited her both got offended because the member wasn't worthy to baptize her. They both got offended and we haven't been able to get ahold of her since a week ago sunday. Neither of them will answer phone calls from us or members and aren't ever home either. So that was pretty hard for us. We've had a hard week trying to find people. Since it was a holiday most of lessons cancelled and we had a pretty hard week. But that happens right? We just keep moving forward. It's crazy to think that it's already December. The holidays here are already in full swing. Puerto Rican christmas music in the streets and Puerto Ricans love to decorate with christmas lights and inflatable things in front of their houses. Hermana Rodriguez is always so surprised because no one does that in her country. PS if you are going to send her Mail address it to Iris Rodriguez Vazguez. There are more than one Hermana Rodriguez in our mission.

Well anyway wish I had some more cool stories to tell you. I'll try and send you some photos next week when I have more time to upload them. Sorry we are short on time and I spent a lot of time reading all the letters that I got from you all last week and this week.

 Love you all a ton.

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