Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Thanks for all the emails this week. I'm glad you all had a fun Valentines day. Happy Birthday to Erin and to Dad tommorrow. You should fed-ex me some German Chocolate cake. Congrats Rach on getting the internship offer; Dad told me. That's so awesome. What kind of stuff are you going to be doing? By the way are you getting my emails? (haha; if she's not she won't be able to answer that question. Someone do me a favor and ask her for me, thanks) I haven't been getting emails from Rach, so if you are sending them they aren't getting here. I'm glad things are going well at the new office Dad hope things are too crazy for you this year with tax season. I'm glad you still loving your temple assignment and that the temples open again. Wow, I wish we had a temple here... one day... that's what we're working for.

This week's been really good. We are all set to go for the baptism Saturday for Airet and Arihelys. Wow, they are so awesome and their mom, Amerfis who is less active, is progressing so much. The step dad who hates the church has been opening up a little. We had an Family Home Evening at their house the other night and he even came in and sat on a chair and listened a little. Wow, that was a miracle. He really bonded with a member which is great. The members are trying so hard to befriend them. Bruni is going strong. She came to church again Sunday and is so excited about it. The work has been slow as far as finding new investigators but it's been picking up. Things are better with my companion. I'm just trying to help her hold out strong; just two more weeks left for her so we'll see what happens in two weeks. Several sisters are going home and there aren't anymore coming for awhile so President is going to have to close some areas. We are praying hard that he doesn't close our area, its been slow but it has so much potential and its making progress.

As of right now I am signed up for classes in Provo. So... guess I'll have to find somewhere to live for summer term but that should be a peice of cake.Everyone is trying to sell contracts. By the way Rach, if you are looking at contracts for next year I would really like to not have a full year contract because summer 2012 I will be doing an internship somewhere for accounting.  I would rather not sign a contract that I have to find a buyer for. Just a note.

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