Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I sang, but nothing came out.

Hey Everyone, so its been a pretty crazy week. Things here have been pretty good but pretty stressful too. I'm trying to help my companion keep from getting trunky. I love her she's so fun but she's already burned out from working in the same area for almost 9 months. To give you an idea, I am the 6th companion she has had in this area. But this last week was better. President raised our goals for the week, so we had to work extremely hard. So things are better.

Had a super embarrassing moment this week. Ha ha. So the bishop asked us if we could sing for Ward Conference. Here, usually the only people that can perform musical numbers are the missionaries because no one really knows how to read music. So we accepted. I have had a lot more practice singing on the mission and I have sung in lots of baptismal services and in church activities with my companions so I felt like it wouldn't be that big of a deal. Well, we arranged a song where I would start off singing alone then my companion, then we would harmonize. Well a ton of people came to ward conference. I mean a ton. We had practiced a ton and everything seemed good but when I got up to the pulpit and started to sing; nothing came out! I tried to hit a somewhat high note (which was honestly not that high); nothing but a scratchy voice. I got through the song my companion started off tune and we somewhat salvaged it. Remind me that if I ever want to sing in public again that I'm not a soloist. Ha ha. I'm still laughing about it. It was pretty bad. Oh well.

Well things have been looking up. We are teaching a family, the mom is a less active member and the two daughters are not baptized.  The 8 year old wants to be baptized but the 13 year old wasn't so sure about it. She's been praying about it and this Monday we came and she told us that she had received an answer to her prayer. She had dreamed the night before that she got baptized and that I was there smiling, Hermana Palmer and her mom were crying. So they'll both be getting baptized on the 19th so we're pretty excited. Other than that we have a lot of work to do to find people to teach.

Well, have to go. I have spent lots of time dealing with classes and registration and stuff. Sorry that i couldn't write much love you all a ton!

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