Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Small Things

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for the emails. Thanks so much Mom for figuring out the BYU stuff. I am so appreciative. I am registered for the classes I need for summer. Well sort of; there is a slight conflict but at least I got the business law class I needed. Thanks. They also sent me a message that my scholarship is going to be applied for Fall/Winter so things are good. I'll just wait to hear from the accounting program for the rest of the stuff. Thanks so much!

So things have been a lot better here. We still don't have a ton of investigators yet but the ward is showing a lot of progress and we are working with them to help them share the gospel with their friends and I know that we'll see some results. Things are going better with my companion too. We are really good friends, but she hasn't been as trunky lastely, its been hard for her she's just burnt out. She's been in the same area for ten months and the work has been hard but things are getting better. We had some really awesome experiences this week. We had an less active member come to church for the first time in over twenty years. She is basically more like an investigator because she doesn't remember anything. But we invited her and she said that maybe she would come but we thought that it was a for sure no. But she woke up sunday and felt really strongly that she should come. She ignored it and again she felt like she should come so she decided to get ready and found a map my companion had drawn for her months ago and she showed up. Even though the work's been slow we see small little miracles all the time. You really have to get excited about the little successes that you have. My companion and I were talking about that this week. How it's funny that we get so excited about little things but we do. We put so much of our energy into helping these people that even the smallest progress makes us so happy. We were laughing because it may sound silly but we were so excited that Bruni (the less active) made comments and participated in relief society and gospel principles. That may seem like a small thing but its so great to see that someone we thought would never come back to church not only came but she enjoyed it, she was making comments and participating in the lesson. Amerfis who is really shy made a friend this week, a recent convert. They were laughing and talking and they planned for Amerfis to do Limari's nails this week. We were like - they're friends! haha we are learning to get excited about the small things, like when parents get excited about their babies first words.

Well anyway I have to go; we are going to go to Humacao with a member who is going to take us around to see some things. But tell everyone hi for me. Tell grandma and grandpa I got their letter and I'll write soon. Tell the relief society thanks for their letter. Tell everyone hi for me! Oh and this is a shout out to Steph... I get your emails everyweek.  Tthanks so much.  I'm sorry I can't write back right away but a long letter is coming your way! Love you tons.

Love you all! Happy Birthday to Dad and Erin! And Happy Valentine's day to everyone too! Birthday cards and late Christmas will be being sent soon. Oh and mom thanks for the clothes. Love the skirt, shoes are too narrow in the toe box so I'll have to send them back. But I have to get the return thing printed off the internet but I can't get on Zappos website. Could you print it out and send it in a normal letter maybe? No rush, they have a 365 day return policy. Weird huh? Love ya!

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