Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cats in the hood.

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the emails and for the package. I really appreciate the clothes too. Sounds like things are going well fun week in Spring City that's good that you were able to relax a little bit. I still can't believe there is enough snow to go skiing! That's so crazy. Wow sounds like you have had a fun week though. I'm glad you had fun on the California trip and that you didn't die on the crazy bus ride. Good luck on your Mads concert. I can't believe you are graduating! So weird, my baby sister is going to college! Crazy. But I'm excited for you good luck on your mads concert. Erin I can't believe you are doing a hundred mile bike ride. That's awesome you are probably in such good shape. You'll have to tell me all about it. PS That is hilarious about the inspector 42 thing, I totally want to get a copy of that or something, so funny. Sounds like everything else is going well at home.

This week has been pretty good Hermana Thornton is still pretty sick. We are waiting to hear back from President and his wife about what the next step is. We are still having a hard time finding people to teach because we haven't been able to knock doors a lot but we were able to go out yesterday and it was great. But we still had an okay week. We have been working a lot with some less active members in our ward and its been great. Two of them came to church this sunday and we have some possible new investigators becuase we are trying to work with some part member families as well.

Funny story, we have this rule in the mission where at least one of the companions has to be outside of the car while the car is in reverse so Hermana Thornton was backing me up out of the driveway and started telling me to stop turn off the car and pop the hood. I was so confused I popped the trunk and then saw that she lifted a kitten out of the hood of the car. Well she put it down on the ground and we were about to drive away and we heard it meowing again and it had jumped back in from underneath. The neighbors had to help us get it out because it wouldn't get out. So I guess we'll have to check the car for cats before we drive away each day. Anyway random funny story.

Other than that things are good. When Hermana Thornton went to an internal medicine doctor this week I talked to her about my eye. She gave me allegra D instead of just Allegra and she gave me a sample of Singulair for month. Remember that I used to be on that for my asthma. She said to try and go back on it. She said that allergies have been ridiculously bad this year and she is having tons of people come in with problems. She also gave me suggestions on how to help my allergies so I we got this stuff called damprid which helps make the apartment not so humid, I am trying to wash my sheets more, dust more, and I bought these allergy covers for my mattress and pillow case at K-mart they are not as nice as my ones at home but basically the same idea. We are going to see if that helps. She gave me a perscription for an x-ray and I am going to go get it this week. We'll see what happens because the antibiotic from the other doctor didn't help. Anyway I'll let you know what happens.

Love you all!

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