Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Companion

Hey Everyone,

Sounds like everyone has had a really crazy week! Wow. Dad I'm really sorry to hear about your leg. That's crazy I'm glad that you're okay. Sounds like Erin and Abby had quite the adventure flying into New York, you'll have to tell me about it i'm still a little confused about what happened. You'll have to let me know how your trip went. Sounds like a ton of fun.

Well tomorrow I get a new companion. I don't know who yet. Hermana Thornton is leaving and this will be my third transfer here in Toa Baja. Wow, it is so crazy how time flies. I can't believe that I've already been here that long. But its an awesome ward. Its so great because we are finding a whole bunch of new people to teach. We are really excited about them and are hoping that we can just get everyone to start coming to church, that's the hardest step but we really do have some awesome people. This last week was a little hard because of Father's Day no one came but next week for sure!

We are still teaching Edgar, he's awesome because he is really excited to learn more, we watched the restoration video with him and he loved it. Julio, is also awesome. He is reading and just loving everything that we teach him. Actually it was really funny this week because he told us something that really made us laugh. He was telling us how the first time he met missionaries he asked them why some have bikes and some don't and they told him that its like levels, first you start out on foot, then you move up to bikes and then eventually if you are really good and have been there a long time you get a car. Haha! Elders! Why do you say things like that? haha. Well apparantly he felt really bad for us because we were on foot, we were knocking at the time. He said he thought to himself these poor girls they haven't even made it up the level of bikes yet. When we called confirm the appointment he kept saying that he could meet us somewhere and come pick us up because he felt so bad making us walk to his house. well of course thats against mission rules and we showed up in a car and when he told us that we had a good laugh.

Everything is really good here. It will be interesting to see who my new companion is and its crazy because sister Martineau and President Martineau are leaving. Our new president President Alvarado officially because president on the 29th of June and we will no longer be the Puerto Rico San Juan West Mission just San Juan. So weird! But we won't be really be sending missionaries from our mission over there or their mission over here until next transfer. But those elders who are in the ABC islands will be finishing their missions in the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Mission. Sorry, I need to go but I'll write more and send more pictures next week.

Love you all!

PS the cookies did arrive pretty stale they weren't completely dry but they were pretty crumbly but I appreciated them all the same. Thanks!

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