Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday! The gift of a new companion.

So hello to everyone. Haven't really done anything yet maybe if we have time I'll go find a way to celebrate. My biggest gift is a new companion, Hermana Beltrain, a cute little 80 pound sister who is... wait for it... also from El Salvador. Haha I think every sister they send from there will be my companion at some point. I love it. She seems really cool. She's been out for about 6 months. She just came from Bayamon. It was so good to talk to her on the way home as she told me about the ward there and the people. It was definately one of the best birthday presents I've ever had to here her tell me that people are still going strong, that Emma has a calling as a counselor in Young Womens and that other less active members have come back.

I got quite the little surprise today as we were at the mission office and I was dropping off Sister Palmer and picking up my new companion.  We were just about to leave and President says that he wants to meet with me in his office. It made me nervous, I was like... what could this be about? Well he has a plan for the Caguas area that he has assigned me to help head up. He is really trying to build up the area. He just sent two more sisters there and he is making a plan where we are going to go on tradeoffs two days a week, one full day us working in their area and then they come here to work. Since all three of them are new missionaries he has assigned me to trade off with each of them and train them on the Preach My Gospel fundamentals of teaching and to work on finding families in Juncos and Caguas twice a week. I'm really excited, its going to be a really good transfer. I just was really surprised.  I feel ike I've been failing at a lot of aspects of the work lately but its always a little nerve racking and nice at the same time to have President show confidence in me. He looked me in the eyes and said., "I have confidence in you Hermana Barker. We are going to see great things happen".

This week has been hard. Always when we have a great week, the next week is so hard. It seems like all obstacles possible get in the way of our investigators just when they start progressing. Several were sick in the hospital, one was in Vieques on vacation and then in Bayamon. But little by little the work is progressing and we are finding more people. It was a hard week for Hermana Palmer, since she was going home. Everyone was so sad to see her leave, she's been in the ward for ten months. She really was a great missionary who really loved the people and she has made such an impact here. So many people have come back to church and she's really helped the ward progress. I've never seen so many people cry when a missionary went home. I hope that someday I can make an impact on people in such a way.

Hope everyone is doing well. I'm jealous about skiing and snowkiting; I would love to go. You'll have to send me photos. Was there wind this year? Hey this is a shout out to Steph Brinton, oops, I mean Parker. Haha that's still weird for me. Tell Sam congrats on his mission call. Russia will be really cool. Tell everyone hi for me when you go to grandma and grandpa's.

Love you all a ton!

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