Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hard work, hard week

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for all your emails and for the pics. Sounds like its been a fun weekend and everyone has been really busy. Haven't gotten the garretts popcorn yet but i'm excited for it. So its been a pretty good week, but I'm not going to lie its been a hard week. I really like my new companion she's awesome but its been a sort of draining week for me, not going to lie. I am definately training I feel like. She is very dependent on me for everything and even though she has been out for quite awhile now she still doesn't know the lessons. I have been trying to help her learn the lessons becuase she hasn't ever learned them and her other companions have just done everything for her because it is a lot easier to do it for them than to help them learn. It also doesn't help that she has had some really, really hard things happening in her mission and things at home aren't too good right now so she's really down a lot of the time. I would be too. So I am just trying to keep my patience and just learn to love her. I would appreciate your prayers, it can be sort of draining to always have to be the teacher, motivater, planner, decision maker etc. By the way, she would love some mail. She doesn't get any. Just a nice card or something would be nice her name is Hermana Beltran.

It's been a fun experience working with the sisters from Caguas. It's nice to have sisters around again its been awhile since we've been the only sisters in the area for awhile. Even though they are pretty new on the mission I am learning a lot from them. They are both two great missionaries.

We are still on the search for new families. But we had a really great experience on sunday. It was fast sunday which are always the best. I have been praying so hard for our area and for several families in specific. Well sunday I saw something that we have been praying for sooo long. Remember the family that got baptized about 3 weeks ago, well the two girls did, the mom is a reactivated member. Well the mom has been living with the dad of her four year old girl and she has been praying so hard for him because she wants him to listen. She wants to get married because she knows that she is breaking the commandments. Well when Hna Palmer and Hna Curl first started going over there he wanted nothing to do with them. He hated the church, he fought with Amerfis to not have them come over, but she stayed strong and said this is my house too. He little by little has been nicer, started shaking our hand as we came in, and lately he sort of comes in the kitchen or sits at the table and listens a little, pretending to do something but I know he is listening. Well sunday morning just as sacrament meeting is about to start I see them walking in and Jonathon is with them. I was at the point of tears! He had sworn that he would never have anything to do with the Mormons! Amerfis told me that he woke up that morning and said "hold on, I am going to hop in the shower and then I am going with you." Wow, it couldn't have been a better day to come too. The teacher in Principles of the Gospel, taught so amazingly and shared an experience that was exactly what Jonathon needed to here. The spirit was so strong, it had to have been because she was definately prompted to share the experience she did. Wow! I'm still in shock, so I guess we'll see how things go.

Well anyway, things are good. Love you all!

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